After several years since the official announcement, RetroArch is now available for download on Steam.

The Steam version differs quite a bit from the official version available on the RetroArch website due to the terms of use and conditions that the RetroArch team of developers had to submit to in order to make the application available.

RetroArch on Steam has two parts:
First is the FRONT END, this is available as the main download.
Second are the emulators or CORES, these are available as DLC, however they are available for free.

Currently there are only 10 cores available in the Steam version, they are:

Mupen64 Plus Next: Nintendo 64 emulator
Kronos: Sega Saturn emulator
PCSX ReARMed: Play Station emulator
Stella: emulator for Atari consoles such as the Atari 2600
SameBoy: Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator
mGBA: Game Boy and GameBoy Advance emulator
Mesen: NES emulator
Mesen S: SNES emulator
Genesis Plus GX: emulator for Sega consoles such as Sega Master System and Megadrive/Genesis
Final Burn Neo: Multi-Arcade emulator

Personally I have tried some of these emulators but not all of them because I am only interested in some games from my childhood that belonged to consoles such as NES, SNES, Sega Genesis and Atari 2600. The emulators of the above mentioned consoles work without any problem. I have also tried the arcade mutiemulator but have had no success whatsoever.

So far it is a very good start from the developers of RetroArch to make it available on Steam even though the list of emulators is limited compared to the official version. Possibly in the future there will be more emulators available on Steam.

For more information about RetroArch on Steam you can read the RetroArch blog.

Unfortunately I have abandoned this blog a little bit. First I'm going to change the address of the blog. The reality is that I have not been in a very good mood to write anything, besides being a bit busy.

I won't be talking about the crypto market on my blog anymore, although I'm still involved in it but it's not a topic I want to talk about anymore; also I have deleted my channel that contained my old audio logs.

At this point I think I will post at least twice a month on this blog. I will also continue to upload my complete playthrough to, currently I have already uploaded Trine and The Turing Test.

I really would have liked to talk about some things that have happened in the PC world such as the upcoming release of Intel's ARC graphics cards, things related to Linux and video games.

Regarding Intel, I'm actually surprised that we finally have another option in the graphics card market since AMD and Nvidia were not offering competitively priced products. I am honestly very interested in what Intel has to offer in their line of graphics cards such as video scaling and their graphics scaling method that will compete with Nvidia DLSS. I expect Intel to break the market status quo even if it is in the first few generations.

Regarding video games I have been playing a bit of Tekken 7 online. I hadn't played that game for almost 6 months or so; I've played the past week 4 days for a few hours in rank. Unfortunately Tekken 7 is a disaster, it's full of bugs and glitches to the point that I don't even feel like playing it anymore. Maybe in the future I will talk a little bit about Tekken but it will depend a lot on whether Namco decides to release a "Fifth Season".

Finally regarding Linux I would like to talk about some changes in Debian, such as the new version of the KDE desktop and its applications that I have not been very happy with in the first days of update.

It's been 3 years since Valve released Proton, the tool that makes it possible to run Windows games on Linux. For me it feels like yesterday but in reality it's been a long time since its official release on August 21, 2018.

Proton has improved substantially, however we are still far from declaring full compatibility with Windows games. As an early adopter I can say that compatibility is good although in my case some games run better on older versions of Proton like 4.2-9 or 5.0-10. Also there are still games that require dependencies such as Windows Media Player 10 that are not included in Proton. However that doesn't mean that those dependencies can't be installed manually but it is still a problem for the inexperienced Linux user.

In my particular case I have about 130 games, among them I have my favorite classics like Max Payne and Splinter Cell which run very well, (especially Max Payne which doesn't run on Windows 10), and current games like Resident Evil 2 Remake and Just Cause 3 which run almost flawlessly. On the other hand I have games that require special launch parameters. For example Dead Or Alive 6 requires the parameter PROTON_NO_FSYNC=1 to work correctly, without this parameter the performance is inferior to Windows 10. Another cases are older Capcom's games like Resident Evil HD Remaster or Resident Evil 6, these games besides requiring Windows Media Player 10, it needs to run them in a specific version of Proton, which in my case for these games I have to use the 5.0-10. Last but not least one of my favorite classics, Tomb Raider Anniversary, I have to be run it with version 4.2-9 otherwise the performance is suboptimal.

Nevertheless we could say that Proton is a success due to the existing compatibility level, in my case the unoptimal performance is 7%, games like Just Cause 2 or Slipping Dogs don't work at all, and other games like Quantum Brake work but with a very bad performance.

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