Road To Freedom – Debian

Jan 31 2020 13:07 UTC

As many of us I started using computer with Microsoft Windows.

Windows XP was my first OS that I used for a long time. I really liked it, it was ok but also kind of bad, the more time that I use it, the more slow it became, that was kinda strange since I never overload the OS an always maintained the system.

In 2010 I switched to windows 7. I did’t like it at first because they change a few things, like the file explorer and the fact that some application were incompatible with Win7. But with the time I started to like it, even if the system became bloat and slow.

In 2012 I read something about Linux Mint, some distribution designed to be "easy to use", specially for Windows users that want to switch to Linux, I was curious about it, so I gave it a try.

Linux Mint 11 was decent but It had some issues like, the distro was half translate, since my native language is spanish that was a problem to me, also at that time Linux Mint used to shipped with KDE4 that it was kind of buggie, (well KDE still kind a buggy now but no so much than it used to) and also the fact that I was PC gamer prevent me to use Linux. So I return to Windows 7.

When Windows 10 came out in 2015 I switched immediately to the new OS. Win10 when it first came out it was bad, especially for older hardware, I used to have a lot with drivers issues such no audio or no GPU driver installed, all because Win10 decided which driver install instead of let me install the driver that I wanted. Also some of friends have experienced issues with video because there weren't Intel video drivers at the time.

Definitely Win10 was and is the worst OS that I ever use.

The real reason for me to stopped using Windows was the fact that an update broke my installation. when the patches for spectre and meltdown arrive I restart my computer and I became useless, because something went wrong during the update and I wasn’t able to use any application. After that I’ve been force to reinstall Windows.

That was a signal that something was wrong at Microsoft; because of that I no longer trust the at windows updates. Fortunately in 2018 Rise Of The Tomb Raider were realese on Linux, so I gave it another chance since Steam is supported natively. I installed once again Linux Mint because “it’s easy and just works” (of course that’s not true) and I got frustrate because nothing worked. First of all I did’t now what I was doing, also steam use to gave me a lots of errors such us no 32bit libraries, install the drivers was confusion and it was alot of misinformation about to how to set it up Steam on Linux Mint.

I got so frustrated of Linux Mint that I decide to try Debian. Because Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu, and Ubuntu based on Debian. So why use Ubuntu when Debian exist. So I install Debian, it was kind of hard at first because you have to understand what is Free software and what is Non-Free software in order to use Debian; But at the end it was so much easy to setup Steam in Debian than what it was in Linux Mint. Since then I never look back to use Windows 10 as my main OS, and Linux Mint still sucks.

It’s been more than 2 years since I left Windows and I no want to go back, specially when it comes to privacy and security windows does,nt give confidence.