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New Year Resolution

Let see where it goes
Date: Jan 12 2021

Bittrex Will Delist Monero, Zcash and Dash

The war on Privacy continous
Date: Jan 4 2021

Remembering stuff from 2011-2020

Random Access Memories
Date: Jan 1 2021

Goodbye 2020

I want you to know... I'll never forget you.
Date: Dic 31 2020

Bitcoin Breaks USD $20k

Bitcoin over $22k, world gone mad...
Date: Dic 17 2020

Solar Eclipse December 14 2020... at 75%

Solar eclipse on a good day ;).
Date: Dic 16 2020

Nvidia's Marketing

A new controversy brought to you by Nvidia.
Date: Dic 12 2020

Website Finished

I made it!
Here is another note about the process of building the site.
Date: Dic 6 2020

Handcrafted website

Welcome! Here is a note about my site,
check it out!!!
Date: Dic 4 2020